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Message from President

I would like to express to you my sincere appreciation for your continued patronage. Thanks to you all, 2014 was the year that Fukunaga Kaiun Co., Ltd. succeeded in celebrating its 45th anniversary.

The company began operations with one small ship made of wood. The present chairman of the board, Mr. Fumitaka Fukunaga, was the ship’s captain, his younger brother Mr. Kuju Fukunaga worked as chief engineer, and the other crew members numbered only one. Operations began with transporting timber from Hyuga-hoso-jima to Osaka through the rough seas of the Bungo Channel.

At that time in Oita prefecture, there were more than 100 shipping companies competing with each other in the Saiki area, but our company has established and steadily expanded its operations thanks to support and cooperation from many different sources.

Mr. Shoichiro Fukunaga

Firstly I wish to express my gratitude to all the operators who chartered our ships, and to those who offered support to our management and ship owners. Secondly I would also like to thank various industries, including the financial institutions, shipbuilding and ship repairing companies, insurance companies, manning agencies, general trading firms, ship equipment and lubricant oil suppliers, agents, ship classification societies, and legal and taxation associates, who also offered their services and support.

At Fukunaga Kaiun Co., Ltd., our motto has always been and always will be “the customer comes first” for our business partners who support us, and we aspire to become a trusted international company, while providing a high quality transportation service. Furthermore, we have high aspirations to provide our customers with something special as the ship owners by responding to the changing times, and make best efforts to continue growing up with keeping ship management skills, techniques and traditions from a generation past. In order to provide a service of an even higher quality to our customers, we undertook new challenges with the investment of new ships, the recruitment and training of excellent personnel, the promotion of training activities.

With our strength and capabilities, we will continue to strive to offer an even higher level of transportation service than ever before, to focus on having the kind of ships essential to a “high quality shipping organization”. Fukunaga Kaiun Co., Ltd. will strive day and night to be the kind of company whose ships you want to use, the kind of company you want to work with and do business with. I thank you all for your encouragement and assistance, and ask for your continued support.

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