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Ship Management
Based on our high quality management system, we offer an excellent service in terms of quality, cost and environmental conservation.


We are very proud and have every confidence in our top quality crew.
All of our Japanese crew members are Fukunaga Kaiun employees and possess a strong sense of responsibility to our company. In order to maintain a high quality shipping service, new crew members begin rigorous training as soon as they join the company and retraining is continued throughout their career with us.


No matter how new and up-to-date the ship is, how we make the best use of it depends on the crew that operates it. The education of the crew is one of the most important challenges for a shipping company and we put much effort into our training programs, including knowledge and awareness required for safe sailing operations and regulations to prevent damage to the environment. Furthermore, before foreign crew members are permitted to embark, they must undergo our one-week training program for which we use the same training videos and materials used for the Japanese crew.


Based on the ISM codes demanded by the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) agreement, shore staff and crewmember make daily efforts to maintain a safe service, to protect the global environment, and to exercise quality controls in order to meet the customers’ needs.


Our highly evaluated shipping management technology is maintained by regular checks and maintenance. As well as a thorough inspection carried out in the dock every 2 1/2 years, a “visiting vessel” inspection is also carefully executed when making a port call: the superintendent of shipping department goes on board to examine the vessel from top to bottom. A standard procedure steady and patient efforts, helps to maintain long-term safety and high performance of the vessel.

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